Multiple Intelligences and Assessment

Have you a problem implementing Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences theory when assessing your students?
This 20 page book of templates will show you how to do this.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between testing and assessing?
On the very first page this is explained to you.

Have you ever wondered why teachers are assessing their students the MI way?
It gives every child a chance to show what they know, understand and can do.

Do you want to know what is inside these booklets?
Templates for you to use in the classroom.


Younger Years........................................Middle Years ............................................Senior Years

Make sure all of your teachers have a copy
then use the booklet to discuss how best to assess the students in your school using MI techniques.
A helpful resource for professional development and upgrading your teaching skills.

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Introduction - Testing and Assessment - the difference explained

Formative Assessment - assessment for learning - ten examples for you to try out

Summative Assessment - test and assessment results - two examples and advice for you to follow up

Accumulative Assessment - collecting assessment data - three examples for you to try in your school



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Andrew (who is not a teacher) from Andover writes:
This is very attractively produced and (important for folks like me) 'reader-friendly' with its liberal use of 'white space'; and I love the picture on the front!




These photographs of teachers' plans for assessing group work were
created during a workshop Margaret ran at Spring Dale School, Amritsar, India,
based on the information given in this booklet.



If you would like me to talk you through the assessments, once you have the booklet in front of you,
we can arrange a seminar via Skype.
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