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e-Books for teaching, lecturing and business

How to teach reading and writing with pupils' multiple intelligences in mind.

"Introducing Multiple Intelligences"
Margaret Warner

with a chapter on
"Teaching Reading and Writing through Multiple Intelligences"

Click here to view the first two chapters.
Your e-Book Codes to open the rest of the book will be sent to you by e-mail, on receipt of your payment.
$48.43 (Approx. £26)



If you are looking to become a public speaker or improve your public speaking skills then you've come to the correct place.
Check out what we offer and suggest.

Improve Your Public Speaking



Robert Boduch

$48.43 each

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Graham Jones


Have you been asked to give a presentation and felt that you could have done better?
Confident Presenting - an eCourse on giving presentations

How to Write a Presentation - an eCourse on presentation writing

Stop Public Speaking Fear - an eBook to help people overcome nervousness when making a presentation




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