MAW Education Approved Course

Terms and Conditions

"MAW Education Approved" Course

Agreement between MAW Education and Zahraa Rizk to advertise MI workshops in Cairo, Egypt as
"MI Workshop approved by MAW Education, UK"

Workshop materials: Workshops materials prepared by Zahraa Rizk

Workshop materials: Approved by MAW Education

Use: To be used by Zahraa Rizk only, for workshops run by her for parents and teachers, only in Cairo, Egypt. If workshops are to be run outside Cairo additional agreement must be sort, in advance, from MAW Education and aditional payment made.

Time: To be reviewed annually at no further cost. Approval may be withdrawn if the course is no longer suitable, with no refund given.

No changes may be made to the content of the workshops without approval from MAW Education.

Date Agreed: 11th November 2013






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