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The Achievers’ Programme (TAP), based in India, in partnership with MAW Education, based in the UK, provides workshops and education consultancy for school leaders and teachers.

Since September 2006 they have run workshops on Multiple Intelligences, for teachers and for school leaders, in twenty of the top Independent and International schools across India.   The large majority of these workshops extend over two days. In some schools teachers from neighbouring schools are invited and take part.

Over the last twenty years there have been considerable developments made in the study of the brain.   The needs of society have changed and are changing all the time.   Education which focused mainly on the acquisition of knowledge is no longer as relevant as it was in the modern world of easy-to-access information.   Instead, students need also to develop a wide range of learning skills, interpersonal skills, and the ability to discern what is of importance and worthwhile and what is not.   School leaders are in a position to provide the education needed for those who will live most of their lives in the 21 st century and a study of ‘multiple intelligences’ will provide a starting point from which to move forward.

TAP / MAW Education School Development Programme

Benefits of the TAP / MAW Education School Development Programme


Introduction to Multiple Intelligences for Principals and School Leaders

The significance for the study of Multiple Intelligences by Educational Leaders

Research findings show that schools which have studied and implemented multiple intelligences theory have found that:

(Ref: ‘Success in Six Schools’ by Linda Campbell and Bruce Campbell pub ASCD)

Why introduce MI into your school?

Objectives of the workshop for school leaders


Module 1

Two-day workshops for class teachers and co-coordinators







 Module 2

Observations and follow-up workshop  



Three to Five Year Consultancy

“Moving towards a Multiple Intelligences School”

Educators, when considering implementing MI theory, should first ask themselves what they are trying to achieve, and then state, “My educational goal is X. I know that I have achieved it when my students can Y.   And here is how I propose to use the concept/theory/hypothesis/claim of multiple intelligences to help achieve that goal.”    ( ‘Multiple Intelligences – New Horizons’ by Howard Garner 2006)


Senior Management and Governing Board

Staff Development



Multiple Intelligences Resources

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