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Margaret Warner
New Insights Certified Life Coach
ACP, Dip. SMS, M.Ed., FCollT.
Accredited Mentor

Join successful people in UK and across the world with
Life Coaching

Have ambitions but your don't know how to get there?
I will help you.

Are you at a cross-roads in your life, not sure what to do next?
I will help you decide the route to take.

Do you worry about the future?
Plan with me so you have some control over your own future.


On-site Life Coaching Address
Suite 8 Innovation House
Parkway Court
John Smith Drive
Oxford Business Park
Oxford OX4 2JY

+44 (0) 1865 811 108

Life coaching shows you how to reach your goals.

Life coaching helps you choose the path to take.

You have no need to worry when you know you are making progress towards a chosen future.


Let me be the person to help you do what your really want to do,
with person-to-person L
ife Coaching.

This is what other people have said when working with me:

" I can hardly wait for the next session!"
"I see the meaning of, 'You have to think big to live our life in a great style!' "
"Now I can embrace my real purpose in life!
"My coach is the best?" Thanks!


E-mail me now at
and put Life Coaching in the subject line.



What is a Life Coach?
A life coach helps people to set goals for themselves and
then supports and coaches them towards achieving those goals.

What will you get from these Life Coaching sessions?
The present improved, your future planned and goals achieved.
You begin by choosing which areas of your life you want to focus on first:
Career, Money, Family, Spiritual, Health, Relationships, Social, Emotional, Personal development.

I then help you to set your long term goals in the areas you have chosen
and, more importantly, to plan small stepping stones to enable you to reach these LARGER GOALS

The course helps you to reflect on what your values are,
what has stopped you reaching these goals in the past,
and what really motivates you.
You will find your life changes.

Do you ever say to yourself,
"I really wish I ......" or
"I always wanted to ....... but ....." ?

Then make it happen by taking that first step now.

You are still unsure?

Your questions answered.

Where does the coaching take place?
We can use the telephone or Skype,
or we can work side-by-side
in my MAW Education Office
which is within easy reach of a bus stop and the railway station
in Oxford, UK

You could do the first session with me by your side
and then the others by Skype or phone, if your prefer.

What do I expect of you?
I expect you to have an hour and a half clear of interruptions for the first session, and one hour clear of interruptions for
sessions 2 to 13, (or 2 to 7 if you do the shorter course) when you can concentrate your whole mind on the session;
I want you to be committed to meeting regularly and completing the follow-up between sessions
( these are not very arduous but help to you move forward).

What am I committed to?
I'll send you information in advance of each session, by email;
I'll help you set goals in your life, so you can achieve what you want to;
I'll take you through 13 sessions (7 sessions if you are taking the short course);
I'll provide telephone and e-mail support between sessions if you need this.

In other words, I'll take you 'by the hand' through the course, showing you how to reach your goals.

What do these sessions cover?
Full Course 13 sessions (short course sessions 1 to 7)
Session. 1 - Goals - the building blocks of success
Session. 2 - Resources and milestone
Session. 3 - Motivation
Session. 4 - Beliefs
Session. 5 - Values
Session. 6 - Rules
Session. 7 - Six human needs
Session. 8 - Projection
Session. 9 - Responsibility
Session 10 - Questions
Session 11 - Long term goals
Session 12 - Your life's purpose
Session 13 - Celebration time!

Don't just hope something will happen.
You have to take action to make things happen
You don't have to book the whole course. Start with Session 1 and then decide if you want to continue.
No hard feeling if you want to stop there.
Take action now and make it happen.

Telephone 01865 811 108
or 00441865 811 108 if you are outside the UK
and book this first session straight away.

You can also e-mail me now


If you are not happy with the first session I will refund you the money,
I really don't want to take your money if your not completely happy.

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