Since 2006, Margaret Warner has visited over 60 schools across India.
She has carried out 50 workshops in 32 of India's top schools,
both in boarding and day schools.

These workshops have covered the following topics:
Applying Multiple Intelligences theory in the classroom;

Multiple Intelligences and Information & Communication Technology;
MI and Assessment and MI and Lesson Planning

She has also provided consultancy by observing lessons and giving feedback
to teachers and Principals

For more information contact

The Achievers Programme (TAP)



Margaret Warner has contributed to teacher training at
étif Université, Algeria,
giving lectures followed by supervised practical classroom activities
for fourth year students.


For more information contact

Université Ferhat Abbes



Margaret Warner spent four months training teachers

for new schools in Qatar in 2006.

She has been inspecting schools in Dubai
two or three times a year since 2009
In May 2015 she carried out reviews of
two Colleges of Excellence in Saudi Arabia.


For more information contact

Centre for British Teachers Education Trust



Margaret Warner took part in a Study Week in Malta
when she visited and carried out interviews at the university,

further education college, schools and
at the Ministry for Education.
This was made possible through

The Council for Education in the Commonwealth



In her early years of teaching Margaret Warner spent one year as an Exchange Teacher,
as a class teacher in two schools in Sydney, Australia.

She was able to do this through

The League for the Exchange of Commonwealth Teachers


Other Global Links

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Visits to two schools in Durban, South Africa through the Zulu Mission

International Conferences

American Biographical Institute - Washington, USA and Oxford, UK
MI Institute - Beijing, China



MAW Education on-line Teacher Traning Course completed,
resulting in courses now being run in Cairo by

These workshops introduce parents to Gardner's multiple intelligences theory,
showing them how to benefit from this knowledge and discover their
children's different types of intelligences.



MAW Life Coaching Course

completed via Skype by many people, including a teacher in Romania.


MAW Education Correspondence


Univeridad de Concepcion, Chile
Instituto Chaqueño de Cultura Inglesa, Argentina
National University of Modern Languages, Islambad
NIILM Centre for Management Studies, India
Haryana Agricultural University, India
MA Student doing research, Iran



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