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These testimonials
come from teachers, play therapists, artists (music, theatre and painting), writers,
and aspiring small business owners, all of whom chose me as their Life Coach.
Originals can be seen at the MAW Education Office.

Annie's comments, Ledbury: Clear, efficient with an excellent understanding, open and easy to discuss matters with.
What did you most enjoy about the session? Challenging myself to better realise what I can achieve.
Annie is now a really successful business woman with many people asking her to provide catering for their celebrations in Somerset, UK.

Geraldine's comments, Newbury: Was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.
What did you most enjoy about the session? Giving me goals to work towards.

Susanna's comments, London: A very interesting process – certainly revealing and surprising! Some excellent tips to the future.
What did you most enjoy about the session? The idea of planning long term in compact categories.

David's comments, London: I found the session most useful.
What did you most enjoy about the session? The possibility of positivity and objectivity.

Carly's comments, Warwick: A very positive experience. I liked the structure of the session.
What did you most enjoy about the session? The opportunity to talk about my future goals.

Gary's comments, Newbury: Very useful session gets one thinking about a whole host of things.

Natasha, Tewkesbury: What did you most enjoy about this session? Being able too talk my goals and ideas through with another person.

Ninette, Chile: What did you most enjoy about this session? The attitude and promptness.

Matthew, Singapore: What did you most enjoy about this session? Clarity of concepts.

Marcia from Leeds, completed a shortened course. Here are a few of her comments:
Session 1 – Comment - friendly and professional approach. Liked best - the delivery
Session 2 –
Liked best - the planning
Session 4 –
Liked best - info.

Mariana, a teacher in Romania, is one of the people who completed the whole course using Skype. Here are her comments after each of the sessions.

Session 1 - This session was something new and very interesting to me and my coach is a special person - well trained, intelligent, patient and very kind and gentle.

Session 2 - My coach is an extraordinary person!

Dession 3 - Similar to session 1

Session 4 – Today I have learned that I can really change my beliefs! Thank you for this and for your great ideas!

Session 5 – It is such a relief to know that we have the power to change our life after we change our values.

Session 6 – Today I have learned about rules and their power in changing our way of thinking, feeling and reacting. It is very interesting and useful for our life.

Session 7 – I am finding the materials very interesting and the way my coach is working with it is amazing!

Session 8 - I hope that in my 'homework' (to coach someone else ) I will be able to follow my coach's style!

Session 9 – My coach is the best!

Session 10 - I can hardly wait for the next session!

Session 11 – I have completed my goals thanks to my coach's support! Great job!

Session 12 – I have new goals which will lead me to achieve my purpose in life!

Session 13 – My coach is the best! Her style is great and I'm thankful for having the opportunity of working with such a wonderful person!

What did she enjoy most about this session?

Session 1 – Finding ways for improving my life and meeting new ideas and a wonderful person like my coach.

Session 2 – I found interesting things about my life, and my inner strengths and I love the milestones and the rewards idea!

Session 3 - I have learned a lot of new things about myself and the steps I have to follow to fulfil my dreams.

Session 4 – I have to think only in positive terms and make the world a nice place to live in.

Session 5 - I have discovered some hidden values … which I wasn't aware of. I like this strategy and I enjoyed this session very much! Thank you!

Session 6 - I really enjoyed about making new rules ("Anytime …")! It is great!

Session 7 - I really like the way we analyse my needs and how I can use this method in the future.

Session 8 - Learning about projection I found out more about myself, about the ways of improving our communications.

Session 9 - I feel more comfortable now that I know how to empower myself by taking responsibility for my actions.

Session 10 – How many wonderful things you can do if you really want to do them!

Session11 – I see the meaning “You have to think big in order to live your life in a great style!”

Session 12 – Now I can embrace my real purpose in life!

Session 13 – I always like celebration time! And I have a lot of things to be grateful for! ...........


What were these different people interested in achieving? (the order does not match the order above)


  • Had not had the courage to learn to drive before and wanted help to pluck up the courage.
  • Had not had the courage to fly to USA to visit a friend and wanted support to help her reach this goal.
  • Wanted to move away from home, but didn't want to upset her parents.
  • Doing a PGCE and wants to be an artist. Wants to find out some of her goals.
  • Journalist wanting to design new courses.
  • "I want the freedom to talk openly about my spiritual vocational development."
  • "I want to get ideas for a career path, as I am starting to feel stuck in a rut. I want to try something new but don’t know where to start. I want something that motivates meand gets me out and about, not stuck in an office, as I’m a more hand on type of person."


  • "I am a keen cook - thinking of openng a shop."
  • "I am looking to setting up on my own, doing Pet Photography. Would be great to have some help with this and balancing my life in general."
  • "I want to set up my own painting studio."


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Margaret Warner is based in the

UK and has a very wide experience of teaching, mentoring and education in general.
She has worked in education in England, Australia, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, India and Algeria and
carried out life coaching with people in and outside the UK,
sometimes side-by side and at other times using the telephone or Skype.

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