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Margaret Warner

New Insights Certified (High Distinction) Life Coach

A.C.P., Dip.S.M.S., M.Ed., F.Coll.T.
Accredited Mentor

Welcome to MAW LIfe Coaching and
Sole Trader Business Consultancy

10 year's experience as a headteacher, 16 year's experience as a school inspector and
20 year's experience as a Sole Trader running the MAW Consultancy Business.
You have come to the right place if what you are looking for is someone with
considerable experience and expertise
to help you solve your personal, educational or
small business problem.


Book your 13 session life coaching course now
with your high distinction coach.

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If you are not entirely happy with the course I will refund your money.


I offer more than basic life coaching,
drawing on my unique and extensive experience in education
and in running a small business.


Both are about helping you
achieve what you want to do in your life.


For more about the
Small Busimess / Sole Trader Course
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What is a Life Coach?

A life coach helps people to set goals for themselves and
then supports and coaches them towards achieving those goals.

What will you get from life coaching sessions?

The present improved, your future planned and goals achieved.
You begin by choosing which areas of your life you want to focus on first:
Career, Money, Family, Spiritual, Health, Relationships, Social, Emotional, Personal development.

Your coach then helps you to set your long term goals in the areas you have chosen
and, more importantly, to plan
small stepping stones to enable you to reach these

The course helps you to reflect on what your values are,
what has stopped you reaching these goals in the past,
and what really motivates you.
You will find your life changes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Do you ever say to yourself,

"I really wish I ......"


"I always wanted to ....... but ....." ?


Then make it happen, by taking that first step now.

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There are many life coaches and consultants out there.

Why choose me?

New Insights Certified (High Distinction) Life Coach

I have held a wide range of senior leadership roles in education and am used to supporting colleagues, helping them
to solve their problems and further their carreers.
When I was a headteacher, five of my teachers went on to become headteachers.
I am a sole trader and have run my own business in the UK since 1996. That's almost 20 years in business. MAW Education has expanded over the last six years.
I have first-hand experience of working, and providing a wide range of consultancy, in different countries.

All sessions take place from your own home or office, using Skype.
You don't need to waste precious time travelling.

Look at the many success stories - see here
Originals are available to see in the MAW Education office in Oxford.

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I should love to be along side you to
review your present situation,
help you solve your present problems and
plan the future to reach your chosen goals.


Find Out More

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Here are some of the problems people had before they came to me for life coaching.

"I have always wanted to drive, but haven't had the courage."
Problem solved when she began to take driving lessons after the third life coaching session .

"I really want to move away from home, but don't like to hurt my parents."
Problem solved when she plucked up courage to sit down and talk about her own needs with her parents.

"I want to set up my own catering business."
Problem solved when she thought through what this would entail and what support she would need.

"I have a friend who now lives in the USA and has invited me to visit, but I am afraid of flying."
"Problem solved when definite dates were fixed for a visit and fears were faced."

"I am starting a school, want to take multiple intelligences theory into my system.
I am not quite sure how to go about it."
Problem being solved - on-going

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you have a problem you're finding it difficult to solve,
or if you want to make a change in the direction of your life,
think about having a life coach to help you move forward.


This could be the way to join other successful people
in UK and across the world, with the help of a
life coach or consultant.

One successful small business owner recently said to me,
"Everything fell into place once I had a life coach."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Do you have ambitions, but don't know how to get there?
I will help you.

Are you at a cross-roads in your life, not sure what to do next?
I will help you decide the route to take.

Are you afraid of being made redundant?
Plan with me, so you have some control over your own future.

Is a job change inevitable?
Let's look at the options together.

Do you want to improve some other aspect of your life?
I'll help you set goals leading to self improvement.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Life coaching shows you how to reach your goals.

Life coaching helps you choose the path to take.

You have no need to worry when you know you are making progress towards a chosen future.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I can provide person-to-person Life Coaching in the comfort of your own home
through Skype.


E-mail me now at
and put Life Coaching in the subject line
to find out more.

Telephone me on +44 (0) 1865 811 108
Please always leave your name and contaact number so I can return your call.

Book Your First Session

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Your questions answered


Where does the coaching take place?
In your own home or office.

All sessions take place using Skype.


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What do I expect of you?

I expect you to have an hour and a half clear of interruptions for the first session, and one hour clear of interruptions for
sessions 2 to 13, when you can concentrate your whole mind on the session;
I want you to be committed to meeting regularly and completing the follow-up between sessions
( these are not very arduous but help to you move forward).

What am I committed to?

I'll send you information in advance of each session, by email;
I'll help you set goals in your life, so you can achieve what you want to;
I'll take you through the 13 sessions.
I'll provide telephone and e-mail support between sessions if you need this.

In other words, I'll take you 'by the hand' through the life coaching course,
showing you how to reach your goals.
The course is adapted for those wanting a more business focused approach.

As you have seen, some of those who have already been successful were business people.
They have written testimonials.
Click here

Contact me for details

Email here

Office landline: 01865 811 108 .....Outside the UK 0044 1865 811 108

Always leave a message with your contact number.


Book Your Life Coaching Course Now

If you are not entirely happy with the course I will refund your money.


What do these sessions cover?
Full Course of 13 sessions
Session. 1 - The Wheel of Life and Goals - the building blocks of success
Session. 2 - Resources and milestone
Session. 3 - Motivation
Session. 4 - Beliefs
Session. 5 - Values
Session. 6 - Rules
Session. 7 - Six human needs
Session. 8 - Projection
Session. 9 - Responsibility
Session 10 - Questions
Session 11 - Long term goals
Session 12 - Your life's purpose
Session 13 - Celebration time!

Don't just hope something will happen.
You have to take action to make things happen.
Take action now and make it happen!


Contact details

Office landline: 01865 811 108 ......Outside the UK 00441865 811 108

MAW Education,
6 Innovation House,
Parkway Court.
John Smith Drive,
Oxford Business Park
Oxford OX
4 2JY


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Fees for both courses: Life Coaching and Small Business Consultancy
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Book Your Life Coaching Course Now


If you are not entirely happy with the course I will refund your money.


Thank you for your interest.



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