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Newsletters and Articles

Multiple intelligences and other areas of Educational Interest

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General Education Series (articles $25 - e-book $41.22)

Issue 1
New for September 2010 (almost half price for September only - $23.99)
This will be of interest to classroom teachers, learning disability specialists, speech and language pathologists, reading teachers, Title I personnel, bilingual or ESOL educators, private tutors, literacy volunteers, parents, or any one else interested in helping others experience the satisfaction of learning through their different intelligences.
Multiple Intelligences Theory - how did it all begin?
A note from Howard Gardner - 2009
Thomas Armstrong's The Multiple Intelligences of Reading andWriting – Making the Words Come Alive - a critique
The meaning of multiple intelligences – different authors’ views.
How will this help you?
You will know Gardner's definition of intelligence.
You will know what the different intelligences are.
You will find out how experiences and culture influence the development of the different intelligences.
You will learn about Gardner's distinction between intelligences, domains, and fields.
You will learn how to teach literacy skills through the different intelligences.
You will read about different authors’ explanations of the meaning of multiple intelligences.


Issue 2
The history and development of MI theory - an overview of how and why Dr. Harold Gardner's original project began; (now included in the introductory newsletter)A pen picture of a famous educationalist - Montessori; Teaching spelling and handwriting - as promoted by Charles Cripps.


Issue 3
Multiple-Intelligences and the teaching of reading and writing - a critique and comments on Thomas Armstong's book The Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing - Making the Words Come Alive



This eBook brings together previous articles, such as the history of research into Multiple Intelligences, different authors' understanding of MI and and reading and writing through Multiple Intelligences.


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Teaching and Learning series ($45 each)

Teaching and Learning - Free article
Have we become too focused on pupils' weaknesses instead of their strengths?
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Teaching and Learning - Toolkit 1
- New for September 2010
(almost half price during September only - $25.99
How do children learn? What is the best way to teach them?

You will find a comprehensive list of ways that we all learn and some of the things that prevent learning. With this knowledge you can plan you lessons better for your students.

Some of these sections ask you to work with colleagues, some ask you to do your own research on the internet and others give you ideas to use striaght away in the classroom.

  • You will understanding how learning occurs
  • You will know what factors promote or prevent learning
  • You will learn from the great educationalists
  • You will do your own research on special educational needs
  • You will know how to identifying students’ multiple intelligences
  • You will know how to personalise learning
  • You will know how to teach for understanding
  • You will begin to learn about higher order skills


Teaching and Learning -Toolkit 2 - Lesson Plans
Here is a lesson plan based on students' multiple intelligences. Print it off and try it out.

How will this help you?

  • This lesson plan template enables you to plan a series of lessons on a topic to include activities based on all the different intelligences so that every child benefits.


Teaching and Learning -Toolkit 3
I don't know what my students' multiple intelligences are. How can I find out?
Coming shortly - come back later

Teaching and Learning -Toolkit 4
How do I assess my students using multiple intelligences theory?
Coming shortly - come back later




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In 1979 Margaret Warner wrote a thesis on

"The Organisation of a School to Provide for the Development of Talent, Appreciation of Limitations and a Growth towards Sociable Independence"

Much of what was written then mirrors later research on Multiple Intelligences.

A copy of this thesis is available for those interested from



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