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Discover-Multiple-Intelligences Associates

A group of professionals
Researching into and Working with
Multiple Intelligences

Become a Discover-Multiple-Intelligences Associate
Be in touch with other MI researchers and teachers throughout the world
Communicate across the globe, sharing ideas with others working in your field

Research Publicity
Associates are invited to submit their research findings as e-books
for worldwide publicity

Shared Knowledge
People with expertise in the follow are willing to be contacted by others interested in this aspect of MI
Classroom practice and MI
MI Activities for different subjects
Finding MI in your syllabus
Student motivation

Your Expertise

Add your expertise to the list by letting us know what it is
and we will advertise your name as well, if you would like us to.


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Additional Benefit of Membership

Set up your own DMI Associates' web meetings
Communicate visually and exchange information
with other Associates working in this MI field.

For Video email and Video webmeetings
Click on page 6 on the left for a demonstration or to purchase software

Market your Expertise

PowerPoint Presentation
Student Motivation
K.M.G.W. Abeyratne Teacher Educator. Kandy //sri Lanaka


Public Speaking

Graham Jones

Details on page 3




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Books and Videos on Multiple Intelligences
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MAW Education will never sell, rent, or share this private information with anyone else