BM Assessments and Approaches to Learning
Version 2
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Dear Colleague

We would like to update you with the fantastic new developments to the BM Assessment program that are now there for you to take advantage of. 

The web-based program is now more powerful in a number of ways and provides even more essential evidence for effective self-evaluation.  We have kept the program easy to use so that the recording of assessments can be completed during class time.  The program has been tested with PDAs enabling teachers to record assessments whilst working with pupils outside the classroom environment.

We will be happy to run through the new program with you.  This can be done with an online demonstration. Just email us, telling us that you heard about us through the 'discover-multiple-intelligences' website, and we will arrange a time that is convenient to you

The national response to the program is growing rapidly.  This means that there is now a significant amount of data in the program to make national comparisons more meaningful.  

Malcolm Greenhalgh
Chief Executive
MGA Education Ltd

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